June User Group Wrap Up

Cloud User Group: Frequently Asked Questions of Customer Service about Cloud

Learnings from the session:

  • CaseWare Cloud Storage Limits
  • Deleting Unwanted Parent Files
  • Generating Locked Down File Report
  • Setting Retention Policies on Parent Files
  • Requesting File Back Ups

Poll questions:

Useful FAQ link: Deleting a parent file

Next months topic on July 7: How to encourage your clients to collaborate on CaseWare Cloud 

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Audit User Group: Overview of Xtend with tips and tricks

Key learnings from the session:

  • Xtend – Optimising Request for Information (RFI)
  • Adding additional resources to RFI 
  • Sending out RFI and accepting client responses

Poll question:

Useful FAQ link: Xtend FAQ

Next months topic on July 14: Application of Hotfix 150 and inserting COVID-19 checklist

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IDEA User Group: How to automate in IDEA without scripting

Key learnings from the session:

Useful FAQ link: To access the IDEAScript Vault Login to Passport and select IDEAScript: IDEA 11, IDEA 10

Next months topic on July 21: Fuzzy duplicates

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Financials User Group: Inserting content in Financials 

Key learnings from the session: 

  • Inserting Notes within Notes to Financial Statements
  • Inserting sub-notes or content within existing notes
  • Creating custom notes
  • Paragraphs and texts in Notes
  • Sorting Notes and sub-notes for presentation purposes

A full recording of the presentation can be found here
Poll question:

Useful FAQ links: Inserting note references into paragraphs and How do I insert paragraphs before/after a statement note table

Next months topic on July 28: Best practices using stylesheets   

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For any further information, please check out our User Group landing page and we hope to see you in our July sessions!