May User Group Wrap Up

Caseware Cloud User Group 5th May

Key learnings:
  • Adding clients to Caseware Cloud so you can interact with them within this secure platform
  • Assigning contacts to multiple entities (good for businesses with multiple entities)
  • Contact permission levels – how to set them & what access this provides
  • Communicating with clients through Caseware Cloud, making file transfers more seamless and with greater security
Next month’s topic June 2, 2020: What are the most common FAQs asked of the Customer Support Team about Cloud?
  • Understanding Storage limits
  • Deleting unwanted parent files
  • Understanding which files on Caseware Cloud have been locked down post completion
  • Requesting backups of Caseware Cloud from Caseware Support

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Caseware Audit System User Group 12th May

Key learnings:
  • Planning and creating placeholders
  • Inserting client documentation into placeholders – ‘Placeholders’ filter
  • Referencing to placeholders

Placeholder FAQ link: Link to FAQ

Next month’s topic June 9, 2020: An overview of Xtend & some tips & tricks

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Caseware IDEA User Group – 19th May

Topic: Caseware Accounting Packages (CAP) Import – How To and Tips & Tricks
Key learnings: 

  • Using Cloud import utility to create the file to bring in 
  • Demonstration of CAP in action 
  • How to download a utility from Passport

More information:
To download CAP and Cloud Import Utility for your version of Caseware IDEA, use the following links:

(Note: earlier versions of Caseware IDEA do not have CAP functionality)

Next month’s topic June 16, 2020: How to automate in IDEA without scripting

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Caseware Financial Reporting User Group – 26th May

Topic: Year end close and roll forward in Financials & Latest on AASB 16 content included in Financials.
Key learnings: 

  • Overview of Year End close function.
  • “Prepping” the engagement file for Roll forward- best practices.
  • Year End close Process.
  • Year End close and Roll forward of Consolidation files.
  • AASB 16 Content Update in Financials.

AASB 16 Related & Useful links:

Next months topic June 25: Inserting Notes, sub-notes and Paragraphs in Caseware Financials Statements

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For any further information, please check out our User Group landing page and we hope to see you in our June sessions!