Preparing for the future of working remotely

From our CEO, Craig Waldon who shares his thoughts about working remotely in these unprecedented circumstances. Is remote work the future?

It’s definitely been an eventful week, month and year! With everyone still coming to terms with this crisis, I’d like to assure everyone that our team at Caseware recognise the challenges you are facing and are committed to doing everything we can to assist you and your team.

The challenges we’re all facing

Over the past month, we’ve been in constant discussions with our customers. We understand that, whilst you are working remotely, there is still a need to:

  • Meet your clients’ needs and wants 
  • Complete work within tight deadlines 
  • Efficiently collaborate as a team
  • Conduct face-to-face meetings

We’ve also faced these challenges as a business and have been putting measures in place to optimise our remote working capabilities. Fortunately, our cloud-first policy has allowed us the capacity to work remotely with our email, accounting, project management and shared drives all on the cloud. Our team has experience doing this with staff in three capital cities and a remote workforce in place since 2016 together with the ability to work remotely for almost all our staff for the last few years. Our physical location and the ability for the majority of us to be together is almost the only thing that changed in the last few weeks. So, it’s business as usual for us – keep in touch via phone, email or website chat options.

What we’re doing to keep you connected and up to date

User groups – I’m excited to announce that we’ll be hosting virtual weekly user groups on Audit, Cloud, Financials and IDEA to support our customers with any concerns they have with working remotely and to create a sense of community.

Remote work FAQ – we’ve put together this FAQ page with the best practices on how to get the most out of Caseware when working remotely. We’ll continue to update it with everything you need to know.

Ongoing customer service – our team is also still available 8am – 6pm AEST, they are experienced with providing customers with remote work support and are continuing to innovate with ways to assist people with working remotely.

Knowledge webinar series – our free webinar series is designed to provide you with additional understanding of our products, industry updates and best practice guides

Training courses – our online training courses are designed for new staff or experienced users. Check out the website for our latest deals

Working Remotely with Caseware

In progressive updates over the decade, Caseware Working Papers has been designed to be used away from the office, whether you’re connected to the internet viaCaseware Cloud or you’re using SmartSync and choosing to work offline. Our cloud-based tools such as Xtend ANZ also allow for enhanced client collaboration. If you haven’t taken advantage of these technologies yet, please call our Customer Service team or your account manager to understand how you can start using these features.

Other Useful Resources