The Audit Revolution You Might Have Missed

Collaboration is Key

If you’ve ever used either Google docs or the Microsoft 365 suite, you’ll understand the benefits of collaboration and group editing where, with the right permissions, your collaborators can suggest or directly edit or comment on documents. Each change is tracked and reversible, points of discussion and comments can be directed to specific respondents or noted to be actioned by them. All the required collaborators and management can clearly see progress, issues to be resolved and items that might need completion or further discussion.

If your audit software can’t do something similar in terms of collaboration between your team members and your clients, you have been missing out on the quiet revolution of conducting your audits in ‘the Cloud’. The Cloud environment can make your audit engagements easier, more flexible and speedier. Collaborating with your clients within the workflow of your audit engagement, without sacrificing compliance or audit quality, is also a bonus.
As Andreas Ong, Caseware Cloud Product Manager explains, “Our Caseware Cloud customers are overwhelmingly thankful they had already moved to the Cloud, particularly in this time of Working From Home. Those that haven’t already, are trying to pivot quickly now. Our recently released, fully cloud audit product, Caseware Agile Audit makes the transition almost effortless, with a great workflow and intuitive screen presentations.”

Advantages of new cloud technology for audit

Here are eight ways our customers believe Cloud audit software has assisted them:

  • Inbuilt chat feature – chat with your team members, as you think of items for a quick second opinion or check-in.
  • Collaboration is simple – you can see in real-time what your colleagues are working on and clear issues as they arise. Sign offs and new documents are added when they occur, meaning you do not need to worry that you have the latest version of the file.
  • Work anywhere anytime – wherever you are with the engagement files you have downloaded, even without an internet connection until you get the opportunity for a connection at a convenient time.
  • To-do list – break down the task for each audit, or you can utilise the ‘issue’ feature within the software.
  • Queries – can be sent directly to your clients and all documentation received electronically, all within the software
  • Engagement workflow setups – have an overview of the audit engagement status.
  • Post discussions – applicable to your Audit Engagement file, receiving responses from all team members that are involved, allowing you to have real control of your engagement at a granular level.
  • Dashboard capability – keep an eye on your engagements to ensure your resources are fully utilised

Cloud also allows integration with other apps including Xtend our desktop companion product, Agile Audit, or our traditional Audit System template. Using this template has decentralized the processing for engagement files which allows you to work locally on your own laptop without having to connect to a remote server or the internet.

What Are Our Customers Saying About our Cloud Audit Products?

“We’re rapt to have been using this brilliant platform since July, because it offers our clients a raft of advantages.”
(in reference to Xtend, a Cloud app that works with Audit System: SRJ Walker Wayland, 2019)

“Moving to Caseware Cloud is the best thing that ever happened to us”
(WWVick & Co, April 2018)

“We really like Caseware Cloud,…We can access the file anywhere and anytime as long as there is internet!”
(Large Network Firm (VIC), Nov 2016)

“It allows us to be truly mobile with no need to schedule regular time back in the office for uploading or downloading files.”
(Large Network Firm (NSW), Nov 2016)

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