Tips for Training from Home

We understand that you may be attending training at home, here are some of our tips to help you attend our online training at home.

We have been delivering online training for many years and it is important that if any attendees have questions or require any assistance, please contact our training team on and 03 9660 4680. 

Training space
  • We strongly recommend the use of two monitor screens for the training.
  • Training manual viewed on an iPad or Tablet may assist you
  • Microphone and speakers/headset (headset is recommended)
  • Here is an example of an ideal training space:
Training manual

We are sending our training manuals electronically to our users during this time. Some of our users have been using an iPad or tablet for their manual

Internet connection

GoToTraining is the online learning platform we use. You just need a stable internet connection to connect, please check GoToTraining system requirements for attendees here:

Software for the course

If you require any software for the course, please contact our training team. It is most important you contact them with well before the start of the course

How to connect your audio

Here’s a quick video displaying how audio works in our GoToTraining software. If you still can’t make your audio work, please contact our Customer Service Team on (03)9660 4688 or via

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