What is Caseware doing to protect your data in the cloud?

What is cyber security for Caseware Cloud?

Cyber security is not a separate technology but rather a foundational set of systems spanning technology, people and processes. Caseware Cloud security is a culmination of security best practices, cyber controls investments, external & internal audits and top talent.

What layers of cyber security protocols are in place?

Caseware Cloud is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), who in their own right are the highest rated and best cloud provider. As displayed in the graphic below, AWS has an array of security practices that allow them to protect the security of the cloud. Following those measures taken by AWS, Caseware is responsible for the security within the cloud, as outlined in the middle section of the graphic. However, Caseware takes additional measures to ensure data security and safety as outlined in the top layer of protocols.

Caseware’s layers of cyber security protocols

This graphic outlines the several layers of cyber security protocols that Caseware implement to ensure the safety of our customer’s data

Continuous compliance

Caseware Cloud operates under several regulatory and control frameworks, where Information Security Continuous Monitoring is needed.

Compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOC2 & GDPR are just some of the frameworks that we run quarterly. The intention of these frameworks is to ensure that we are continually improving our cyber security.

Caseware’s cyber security layers

The measures listed below have been incorporated into Caseware’s cybersecurity layers across numerous years as we strive to continue developing a secure environment. This encompasses our holistic approach to cyber security, there is no ‘one thing’ that will protect us, it is a combination of measures that allows Caseware Cloud to offer world class security.

  • Formation of Incident Response Team
  • Extensive use of Encryption
  • Employee Training
  • Tests of the Incident Response Plan
  • Business continuity
  • Insurance Protection
  • Security analytics
  • Board-level oversight
  • Identity & access management
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Senior Security Personnel
  • Managed Security Services
  • Crisis Management team
  • Audit & Governance team
  • Externally & Internally audited
  • ISO 27001 & SOC2

What is Caseware doing about the threat landscape?

Caseware is continuing to heavily invest in and increase our capabilities in the Information Security space.

Over the last 12 months, we have doubled the Information Security team and our Cyber Security investments have increased by over 400%.

Stay tuned for more cyber security insights from Caseware.