Which tier of general purpose financial statements do I have to prepare?

The tiers of general purpose financial statements have changed from 30 June 2022:

  • Tier 1 remains IFRS compliant financial statements which include all recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements from the Australian Accounting Standards (AASB’s)
  • Tier 2 is Simplified Disclosures which requires all recognition and measurement from the AASB’s, however presentation and disclosure requirements are included in AASB 1060 which is a stand-alone standard for this purpose.

Tier 1 financial statements are required for publicaly accountable entities or other entities specifically required by a regulator to prepare Tier 1 financial statements.

The decision trees below will assist entities in determining which tier of general purpose financial statements they need to prepare.

For-Profit Private Sector Entities

Not-For-Profit Private Sector Entities

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