Why Use CaseWare Connector?

Do you want your audit reports in a specific format to go to each client – year after year? Need a solution to organise client data into Excel ‘test’ templates?  Sick of inaccurate cutting & pasting to MS Word or Excel? Caseware Connector might be a great option for you.

What do our current clients do with Connector?

A number of our clients use Connector to link with specific Word and Excel standard template style documents they send to clients. They embed active links to relevant data items within the Caseware Audit engagement file, which automatically pulls the data through to the Word document or Excel spreadsheet.
To directly quote one of those clients, they find Connector useful because:

“[Connector] provides us with an opportunity to develop custom templates and pre-populate financial and other client data out of our Caseware file directly into other formats, such as Word and Excel. This allows us to build templates for testing and client documents that require little input other than simple commentary and data analysis which means we can be more efficient. With greater ‘automation’ of our documents, it also means less room for keying errors.”

What exactly is Caseware Connector?

Effectively, you can think of Caseware Connector as an application or add-on that provides an easy and simple way to link Caseware Working Papers data into a Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word document. Rather than manually entering descriptions, balances and other assorted values, Connector creates a link to the applicable information in Working Papers. If the information is changed, Connector can update the linked information to reflect those changes automatically.
The program installs itself as an ‘Add-In’ to Microsoft Word and Excel, and appears as an additional toolbar or ribbon in both applications. Connector lets you link information from the client profile, accounts, mappings, leadsheets, groupings, document information and more from Caseware Audit. If you drill down on a linked component in Word or Excel, it automatically opens the appropriate area of the Caseware Working Papers client file, based on the links in the selected formula in the Word or Excel document.

Some examples of Connector use

There are a variety of uses for Caseware Connector:

  • Linking data from Working Papers to custom documents and documents prepared by/for the client
  • Extending ratio calculations using Connector linkages
  • Building Financials Reports
  • Linking Working Papers engagement information into Word formatted letters
  • Annotating documents prepared by the client included in the Document Manager of a Working Papers file (Tickmarks, Document References)

So, how does it really work?

Just click the links below to view a few of the 2-4 minute videos from the Caseware international website. These give you a quick summary of how easy it is to use Caseware Connector. More videos are available on YouTube – tip: search for “Caseware Connector”, or use this link to locate relevant videos.
Overview Quick Vid – duration 2:26
Navigating the interface – duration 3:15
Referencing – duration 2:53
Linkage Dialog – duration 4:02

Think Caseware Connector might be useful in your business?

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