CaseWare SMSF Audit

A purpose-built SMSF Audit tool for Australian auditors, with powerful workflow & productivity tools to assist you to conduct thorough, compliant and streamlined SMSF audits.

Secure, Collaborative Environment

Take collaboration to a whole new level, where your team can share, store and obtain client files securely all within the CaseWare SMSF Audit software. Integration with common SMSF admin packages and regular updates for standards and legislation changes is all managed for you.

Purpose Built for Australian auditors 

Compliant with Australian SMSF auditing requirements, workflows have been designed specific to auditors’ needs. Get centralised report views and dashboards to help manage resources, while keeping an eye on productivity and audit quality.

Powerful Workflow & Productivity Tools 

Our Smart Procedure technology, automatic Shares Testing Worksheet and dynamic document referencing, saves time and ensures documenting audit evidence is easily accomplished. Obtain secure access to information by all stakeholders when needed – even in remote locations or on various devices.

CaseWare SMSF Audit benefits include:

  • A web-based collaborative, team audit environment – available on any device, any location, anytime.
  • Robust integration with key SMSF administrative packages – key data easy to import directly to begin your audit.
  • A flexible licensing model – scalable; only buy as many licences as you need.
  • Compliance with Australian SMSF audit standards and legislation – we update your software regularly & automatically, so you’ll always be compliant.
  • Intuitive interface, with optimised workflows – your audit team and managers should be able to simply start auditing, with minimal software training requirements.
  • Roll-over facilities for audits in subsequent years – your audit team’s workload is considerably reduced by the work and involvement in setting up the files and conducting the audit for a client in the first year.

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Some Key Features Described in Detail

Dynamic Trial Balance

Our Dynamic Trial Balance has been developed with the intent to supersede Leadsheets, streamline audit documentation and make reviewing SMSF Audit engagement files a simple and efficient process.

Powerful features like automated Materiality Indicators, year-on-year comparisons and a variety of view options that make referencing and agreeing balances to the financial statements quick and easy.

Query Document

During an SMSF audit, the auditor often needs to liaise with the fund’s accountant or administrator to request additional documentation, or ask questions relating to their audit. This communication can be challenging to manage, especially where there are a number of audits being done at a time.

Our powerful Query document technology in SMSF Audit though makes this process simple.

Auditors can record their requests and questions in a Query document in their engagement file, then submit it directly to the relevant contact to address. They will receive an automatic notification in their inbox with a link to access the document. Then as they address your queries, their responses feed directly back into your audit file – no more emails and manual filing of responses!

Accessing and Referencing PDF documents

As our clients and our industry are progressively moving to paperless work processes, providing documentation in PDF format is becoming a very common practice. This is especially evident when it comes to audit evidence – by far, the majority of supporting workpapers in audit engagement files are now PDFs.

So, to assist auditors with performing audits paperlessly and efficiently, PDF documents saved in SMSF Audit engagement files can be opened within the file, in your web browser – there is no need to download and open these documents in a PDF program.

Annotations Tool Available for PDF for more complete Audit Trail

As well as accessibility, our popular Annotation tool can be used within PDF documents in SMSF Audit – easily markup checks performed, create hyperlinks to supporting workpapers or websites, and add notes anywhere in a PDF.

This powerful feature makes the documentation phase of the audit engagement quick and simple, and provides an easy-to-follow electronic audit trail for reviewers to follow.

Automated Shares Testing Worksheet

This tailored worksheet has been built to assist auditors with testing and documenting work performed on shareholdings of SMSFs.

All shareholding Trial Balance accounts will be listed in this worksheet, along with share codes and the number of shares held in each for funds imported from Class or BGL360 (this information can easily be entered into the worksheet for other funds).

Then, using 30 June share price information sourced from an approved ASX-licensed third party information vendor, the worksheet automatically recalculates the value of each holding and highlights any variances – automating this normally manual process and saving you precious time!

There are also simple selection columns to record the results of other important share ownership audit tests.