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The challenge for any corporate trying to gather, analyse and report from data across disparate departments and systems is significant and likely to be error-prone. CaseWare’s software solutions for corporations can assist with this and other challenges.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Most businesses, regardless of size, find financial reporting to the required legislative and accounting standards a major chore. Often, the challenge to ensure the financial information is accurate and reliable throughout multiple iterations and approvals requires significant time and attention. 

CaseWare’s Financials Reporting solution helps reduce the time and complications associated with this chore to produce report-ready financial statements within minutes of importing the trial balance. The template includes over 30 entity types to base your reporting on. Create customised, company-approved financial statements and reports that reduces your workload and promotes year-on-year consistency across reporting entities and accounts. Consolidations of company accounts are also streamlined, saving even more time and effort.

Our content complies with the relevant AASB standards and legislation
Drill-down facility to validate the source of figures for better accuracy
Saves time and effort on redrafting statements when corrections are made
Easy imports from popular accounting packages increases efficiency and accuracy
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Working Papers

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CaseWare’s financial reporting solutions produce automated, print quality, yearly and half-yearly statutory financial statements for a wide variety of entity types – from Not-For-Profit, Listed Public, Large General Purpose, Large Special Purpose and Small Companies, as well as Associations, Trusts and Partnerships.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit: Better Equipped, Better Prepared

Internal audit is a core requirement for many corporates, big and small. Being able to evaluate and report on the performance of your organisation by reviewing often disparate datasets to provide results driven recommendations to your governance executives, is often fraught with significant inefficiencies.

CaseWare software can assist you to quickly identify performance issues and data anomalies by giving you the very best analytics tools that hundreds of auditors use to measure performance and check for fraud or mistakes in those datasets. With inbuilt visualisation tools to help you explain the issues revealed by the data and develop justifications to make the changes that will keep your organisation successful and competitive.

Quickly identify suspicious or fraudulent transactions.
Deliver better audit coverage and assurance to become a trusted advisor.
Analyse 100% of transactions, regardless of type, volume or location.
Prioritise areas with elevated risk to improve operations and compliance.
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CaseWare Cloud

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The fully cloud data analytics solution CaseWare AnalyticsAI brings AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to bear in the analysis of datasets. Key tests can be automatically applied and results presented visually, as soon as the data is imported.

Desktop Software

Need a deeper dive into data analytics, or want more control of the testing parameters? Our CaseWare IDEA desktop solution has been in constant development for over 30 years, and has inbuilt data tests and a sophisticated data import tool. CaseWare IDEA assists you in identifying trends and outliers and tracks every step of your analysis journey.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Driving change within an organisation to achieve better business success requires a thorough understanding of the massive amounts of business data produced. Often overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data and disparate datasets over the organisation, companies have trouble analysing this data to assist with making strong strategic decisions.

CaseWare analytics solutions offer easy to use data analysis tools to help you get the most out of your data, giving you the information needed to make better business decisions. From identifying operational inefficiencies, or evaluating travel and entertainment expenses, or looking for deliberate fraud or mistakes, CaseWare has a data analytics solution suitable for your business.

Easily understand data through customisable and automated reporting tools.
Prioritise areas of greater risks to detect fraud.
Results are presented visually and are easy to comprehend.
Easily extract data from any application for analysis.
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CaseWare Cloud

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With artificial intelligence-based analysis, our CaseWare AnalyticsAI solution can evaluate datasets with the most relevant tests applied at the tap of a button. Results are produced as graphs for the best representation of data summaries or anomalies and outliers.

Desktop Software

CaseWare IDEA is a sophisticated tool which allows for custom data tests, or you can take advantage of a significant library of well known preset tests. The CaseWare IDEA desktop solution has been around and in development for over 30 years, and includes a sophisticated data import tool. CaseWare IDEA assists you in identifying trends and outliers and tracks every step of your analysis.

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There are no known limits on this aspect (except physical disk space limitations), as long as all the entities requiring consolidation have the same account structure.

These tools can both be used – they have been designed for different purposes, so chatting to us about your objectives would allow you to make the best decision about which tools would be best for you.

Our Financial Reporting Cloud solution is currently under development. We expect that it will be available by Q1 2021. Call or email us to register your interest.

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Kevin Adams, Director, DFK Benjamin King Money Audit Services

“…Caseware Xtend. We’re rapt to have been using this brilliant platform since July, because it offers our clients a raft of advantages.

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Andrew Bingley, Audit Supervisor, SRJ Walker Wayland

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Susan Barbour, Baumgartner Audit Pty Ltd

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