The Audit Revolution You Might Have Missed

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Collaboration is Key If you’ve ever used either Google docs or the Microsoft 365 suite, you’ll understand the benefits of collaboration and group editing where, with the right permissions, your collaborators can suggest or directly edit or comment on documents. Each change is tracked and reversible, points of discussion and comments can be directed to specific respondents or noted to … Read More

3 Ways to Up Your Audit Technology Game

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Is your choice of technology solutions holding your practice back from all it can be? Auditors & Accountants have traditionally been a little slower on the technology uptake in comparison to other industry sectors. Now, more than ever, the right technology for auditors is becoming increasing mainstream. Technology definitely has its pro’s, but of course, there are some challenges too. … Read More

May User Group Wrap Up

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During this time where many of us are still a little isolated and working from home, we’ve continued our User Groups for our CaseWare Cloud, IDEA, Audit System and Financial Reporting products during May 2020. Thanks to all that attended. If you didn’t make a session you particularly want to catchup on, please review the options below. If you can’t … Read More

Press Release: CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ Launched in Australia

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CaseWare Cloud Analytics

CaseWare Australia & New Zealand launches CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ and tackles Big Data Melbourne (November 30, 2017) To utilise new technology such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that will ‘disrupt‘ future audits, CaseWare has released  CaseWare Cloud Analytics™. Showcased at the recent CaseWare customer conferences in Melbourne and Sydney, CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ provides auditors with the ability … Read More

Making the Move to the Cloud

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How Safe Is Data in Cloud

“Have you thought about making the “move to the cloud” and always put it in the too hard basket, or just delayed the decision because it needs more investigation? Maybe your investigation needs to start now, as you could be saving yourself a heap of time and money when you do ‘bite the (cloud) bullet’. Some of the reasons outlined … Read More

Your Privacy – What is CaseWare doing to secure it?

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CaseWare Cloud Data Privacy

CaseWare employs a variety of methods to ensure privacy of your information: Encryption of the data in transit using https Encryption of the data on the SQL server Use Amazon Web Services (AWS) who provide a secure platform for CaseWare Cloud Australia and New Zealand Cloud sites are on AWS servers in Australia Back-ups for Australia and New Zealand Cloud … Read More

Enhanced Cloud Security for CaseWare Online

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Cloud Security for CaseWare Online

Update to SQL Server December 2016 We’re always looking for better ways to ensure that your data in CaseWare Cloud is secure. One of the enhancements that we have implemented to our Australian Caseware Cloud products in December 2016 is to apply the “encrypted at rest” feature to the SQL server databases. CaseWare International explains it this way: Is my … Read More

Explained: the secure client portal on CaseWare Cloud

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The secure client portal on CaseWare Cloud

A few years ago I started to use professional accounting services to assist me with my paperwork. I was surprised that there was no easy or secure way for me to send documents electronically to my accountant. I also found it difficult to send my queries directly to the accountant, since the email address given was the generic email address. … Read More