Upcoming webinars

Knowledge Webinar Series

During 2020 we’re running a series of free webinars which are designed to provide you with additional understanding on a variety of topics including products, industry updates and best practice guides. See the list below and sign up to a webinar and improve your CaseWare knowledge.

Date Knowledge Webinar
3 March 2020
Managing your engagements in CaseWare Cloud

Join Andreas Ong (Head of Corporate) as he explains the benefits of Cloud and how to manage your engagements using powerful cloud-based technology like views, dashboards, notifications and our purpose-built apps.

27 March 2020
IDEA: Best Practices for Efficient Audits

Join Pauline Laidlaw (Analytics Product Manager) as she explains best practices for using IDEA to conduct more efficient audits including importing, organising work, visualisation, documentation and new features offered by IDEA 11.

3 April 2020
Agile Audit: Product Launch

Join Sarah Butler (Head of Audit & Accounting) as she launches our brand new fully cloud audit product. More information to come.

15 April 2020
Financials: What you need to know for 30 June 2020

Join Carmen Ridley (CaseWare Financial Reporting Expert) as she provides an update on the key issues likely to arise for your 30 June 2020 financial reporting year. This will include some reminders about leases, revenue for NFP’s and uncertain tax positions as well as an update on the AASB financial reporting framework.

21 April 2020
Audit: Preparing your audit team for 30 June 2020

Join David Stevens (CaseWare Audit Content Expert) as he provides an update on the practical applications for your 30 June 2020 financial reporting year. This will include what you need to know for revised APES 110, audit considerations for new accounting standards, auditing accounting estimates and the requirements and pitfalls of selecting items for substantive testing.

13 May 2020
Doing the audit: Practical tips and tricks

Join Sarah Butler (Head of Audit & Accounting) as she discusses how mapping can speed up your audit process and using the FSA and Optimiser to tailor your audits. She will also explore key documentation options within the software including documenting references, linking risks to procedures and copying and pasting document references in programs.

20 May 2020
Reviewing the audit: Practical tips and tricks

Join Tim Lew (Audit Product Manager) as he discusses creating issues across file, document and cell levels, using the completion memo, which key documents to use and how cloud can track your engagement status.

17 June 2020
Financials: Best practice of preparation

Join Joe Nagy (Financials Product Manager) as he discusses the best practices for preparing your Financials. Content will be driven by customer feedback.


Live Product Presentations

We also offer free, no obligation product presentations. These are 45min – 1 hour, giving a brief overview of the product in action as well as exploring its benefits and features. They are all live, attendees are muted but will have the option to ask questions throughout the presentation.

Date Product Presentation
Audit System Template and Cloud Presentation

Join Stephen Lew as he discusses the powerful Audit System Template and the benefits of having access anywhere, anytime with CaseWare Cloud.

Financial Reporting Presentation

Join Stephen Lew as he provides an overview of the intuitive software package that allows for financial reporting teams to collate financial information and produce financial statements.

SMSF Audit Presentation

Join Nataly Bedier as she explores how our product combines with the Cloud platform to offer dynamic trial balances, optimised content and smart procedures for an efficient SMSF Audit.

IDEA Presentation

Join Denise Michel as she shows how the product uses simple yet comprehensive methodology to accommodate every aspect of data analysis.