Upcoming webinars

Knowledge Webinar Series

During 2020 we’re running a series of free webinars which are designed to provide you with additional understanding on a variety of topics including products, industry updates and best practice guides. See the list below and sign up to a webinar and improve your CaseWare knowledge.

Date Knowledge Webinar
15 April 2020
Financials: What you need to know for 30 June 2020

Join Carmen Ridley (CaseWare Financial Reporting Expert) as she provides an update on the key issues likely to arise for your 30 June 2020 financial reporting year. This will include some reminders about leases, revenue for NFP’s and uncertain tax positions as well as an update on the AASB financial reporting framework.

21 April 2020
COVID-19: Implications on planning and performing the audit

Join David Stevens (CaseWare Audit Content Expert) as he provides an update on the practical applications of COVID- 19 on audit planning and preparation. This will include outlining: key sections of planning, financial statements areas at risk, potential changes to management motivations, impact on risk assessment and auditor reporting implications.

13 May 2020
Doing the audit: Practical tips and tricks

Join Sarah Butler (Head of Audit & Accounting) as she discusses how mapping can speed up your audit process and using the FSA and Optimiser to tailor your audits. She will also explore key documentation options within the software including documenting references, linking risks to procedures and copying and pasting document references in programs.

20 May 2020
Reviewing the audit: Practical tips and tricks

Join Tim Lew (Audit Product Manager) as he discusses creating issues across file, document and cell levels, using the completion memo, which key documents to use and how cloud can track your engagement status.

17 June 2020
Financials: Best practice of preparation

Join Joe Nagy (Financials Product Manager) as he discusses the best practices for preparing your Financials. Content will be driven by customer feedback.