We’re conducting weekly user groups to support our customers with any concerns they have with working remotely during these ever-changing circumstances. Each group will get together virtually, Tuesdays 12-12:30pm to discuss the topics of CaseWare Cloud, Audit, IDEA and Financials.

We hope that these groups will create a community of CaseWare customers who will benefit from meeting to discuss how to optimise their use of our products. Our team will provide you with helpful updates, tips and tricks and any resources you need to ensure that you are equipped to work remotely.

We want our customers to drive the content, so please fill out the form below and let us know what you want to discuss.

Date User Group
Week 1
CaseWare Cloud

Optimising your anytime, anywhere access and best practices when working on the cloud.

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Week 2

How to ensure you’re getting the most out of our very powerful Audit solution.

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Week 3
CaseWare IDEA

Helpful updates, tips and tricks and any resources you need to optimise IDEA

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Week 4

What you should be doing to optimise your use of our Financial reporting tool.

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Future topics to be discussed