Financials User Group Recordings

We’ve been running our Financials User Group to create a sense of community of CaseWare customers. Our team provides you with helpful updates, tips and tricks and any resources you need to ensure that you are equipped to optimise your use of Financials.

We will be running the Financials User Group on the fourth Tuesday of every month from September 2021.

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April 2020 – Styles and themes in Financials

May 2020 – Year end close and rolling forward

June 2020 – Inserting notes, sub-notes and paragraph text

July 2020 – Best practices using Stylesheets

August 2020 – Tailoring the Audit Report and Auditors Indepedence Declaration

September 2020 – Linkages in Financials

October 2020 – Reconciliation table and review tab

November 2020 – Best practice updating Financials

February 2021 – Importing notes in Financials

March 2021 – Working with tables part 1

April 2021 – Working with tables part 2

May 2021 – Working with tables part 3

June 2021 – Working with detailed profit and loss statements

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