SMSF Audit User Group Recordings

We’ve been running our SMSF Audit User Group to create a sense of community of Caseware customers. Our team provides you with helpful updates, tips and tricks and any resources you need to ensure that you are equipped to optimise your use of SMSF Audit.

We will be running the SMSF Audit User Group on the first Tuesday of every month from September 2021.

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September 2020 – The risk dialog in SMSF Audit

October 2020 – Using a firm template and reordering letters

November 2020 – Making the most of queries

March 2021 – Understanding review tools

April 2021 – Navigating SMSF engagements and additional options

May 2021 – Communicating job status with fund admins

June 2021 – Setting up first year SMSF Audits on Cloud

July 2021 – End of busy season best practice

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