Webinar – Agile Audit Update

Join Sarah Butler (Head of Audit & Accounting) and Mahalay Gore (Agile Audit Product Manager) as they outline the latest updates to our Agile Audit product:

– The new vertical layout
– A new mapping structure
– Automatic graphs and ratios

Please find a copy of the slides here.

These slides include links to a number of helpful FAQs, but these are also included below, along with another couple we thought may be helpful, based o n the questions asked during the session:

We also had any additional question that needed clarification:

Is it only the reviewer who can clear the notification related to modifications after review?

After testing, we have confirmed that the ‘modified after review’ notification can currently be cleared by any user within the engagement.  We shall raise the suggestion of limiting who can clear these notifications with the developers as an enhancement idea for future consideration.

Finally, we have an action item – we will investigate the linkages between Optimiser questions and our Audit Report, to ensure the content is automatically tailoring correctly.  If a change is required, we will ensure this is included as part of our next functionality update, and we will advise key firm contacts in our update email.

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