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22 FEB, 2pm – 3pm CaseWare Financials & Audit System:
Consolidations – Best Practices

Are you certain you have Consolidations nailed, or do you think there has to be a better way? Join our Audit Product Manager, Tim Lew as he presents his best options for dealing with Consolidations using both our CaseWare Audit System & Financials templates. Common questions that will be addressed:

  • Do I create a single group file, or link up a number of files?
  • How can I create consolidated leadsheets?
  • How can I create combined audit and financials consolidation files efficiently?

CaseWare Webinar Feb 22 Consolidations

21 MARCH, 11am-12pm  – Financial Reporting & CaseWare Financials:  Leases Standard: What Do I Need to Know?

The new financial instruments and revenue standards provided many challenges to accountants and your clients to get them implemented correctly. What are the key challenges of implementing the new leases standard? Join AASB member and CaseWare Financials expert content provider Carmen Ridley as she outlines:

  • Key considerations for implementing AASB 16
  • What decisions or choices are possible?
  • What business rules or types of leases are affected?

Financial Leases Standard Webinar
29 APRIL, 11am-12pm – Audit System & Data Analytics:

Using Analytics in Audit – A Case Study

Need to know more about data analytics and how it might enhance your audit quality and provide better client value? Join our Manager – Analytics, Pauline Laidlaw and Sarah Butler (Head of Audit & Accounting) as they discuss:

  • Where does Analytics fit into the audit process?
  • Is it a planning tool, a risk response tool or potentially both?
  • Can I easily find fraud with data analytics tools?
  • How does Professional Judgement come into play?
  • What do I do with the outcomes of the software options?
  • What can CaseWare IDEA vs CaseWare Cloud Analytics do – what’s the difference?

Analytics in Audit Webinar

30 MAY, 2pm-3pm – Audit System:
Documenting Risk Assessment & Linking to Risk Response

Are you confident that your risks are documented effectively? Join Sarah Butler (Head of Audit & Accounting) as she does a walk through using CaseWare Audit System template.

  • What is the most effective way to record risks?
  • What’s best practice in terms of documenting how risks were are addressed during an audit?
  • How do you effectively link risks to procedures?
  • What else should my team be doing?

Audit Risks & Assessment in CaseWare

24 JUNE,12pm-1pm – SMSF Audit:
Firm Settings & Best Practices Refresher

Are you confident that you are using SMSF Audit effectively? Do you know all the new features that have been added over the last couple of years, in all the updates that have occurred online? Could Firm Settings assist your team to gain efficiencies? Join Ken Chan (SMSF Audit Technical Specialist) as he does a walk through an SMSF Audit using the CaseWare SMSF Audit product.

  • What are Firm Settings and how can they be used to streamline your firm’s effectiveness?
  • What benefits might they bring if setup correctly?
  • Which of the newer features have others found helpful to streamline their SMSF Audits?

CaseWare SMSF Audit Best Practice Webinar

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Completing Half Year and Year End Audits in CaseWare (Jan 2019)

Have your staff got a real handle on efficiently completing Half Year and Year End audits? What’s the difference?

  • How do I set up dates in Engagement Properties?
  • Can I put both engagements in a single Working Papers file?
  • How do I process prior year journals?
  • How do I work with year to date balances and movements?