Is your collaboration with clients easy, efficient & secure (or just via an email program)? How effective and efficient is the storage of client files necessary for your audit engagement? Is getting those files time consuming, disjointed and challenging to manage effectively?

Making your audits as efficient as possible is what we do. With the spotlight on data protection and the requirement to safely and efficiently collaborate with your clients during your audit engagement, we’ve provided a unique solution.

Introducing CaseWare Xtend ANZ.


We have taken standard questions that you would normally ask a client and built a template for you. There is an optimiser checklist for qualifying questions – based on the yes’s and no’s it will then populate your request information form. Once you are ready to send this to your client, you can send it directly out of CaseWare Cloud to the contacts that have been associated with the entity.

This new Cloud-based app is the latest in a suite of job management tools available on the CaseWare Cloud platform that allows firms to:

  • Securely request, file and store sensitive client data.
  • Collaborate and communicate with clients more effectively and in real time, allowing for a more adaptable and transparent workflow
  • Manage client files and requests in one centralized location that is readily accessible
  • Automatic updates; nothing needs to be downloaded or installed on a company computer


Enhanced Client Collaboration

Requests for Information commonly sent via email to clients is tricky to manage well. Xtend manages this process, allowing you to track & followup document requests, with requests and responses linked directly to the client entity in Cloud.

Integration with Working Papers

Working Papers Integration

Work within your engagement file, build & send information requests directly in your engagement file.

CaseWare Cloud Platform

Secure & Private

In this day and age, security and privacy around data are critical. The information clients share with you can sometimes be highly sensitive, so being able to offer them a secure way to do this is beneficial for both them and you.


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