Xtend Webinar Questions and Answers

Following the webinar, we had numerous questions regarding the product.

1. How do I give my clients access to Xtend?

All clients that you would like to communicate with using Xtend, need to be set up as Contacts on your firm’s CaseWare Cloud site.  There are two ways to create a Contact:

  • In the entity page. Go to Contacts > Add > New Contact.
  • When sending a query document in Xtend ANZ. Click Send, then Create New Contact. This will take you to the entity screen where you can add a new contact using the same method as above.

When a client has been set up on the Cloud, they will receive an automatic Cloud notification that will prompt them to activate their login, which they will need to action within 5 days of receiving the email.

2. How do I send a Contact an email to reset their password if they don’t respond to the activation email in time?

An Administrator or Staff Administrator can force reset a contact’s password by navigating to the Contacts page in Cloud. Once there, access and edit the specific contact’s profile by selecting the pencil icon:

Navigate to the ‘Password’ section and check ‘Reset password’. This will give you a variety of options such as ‘Set by User’, which will generate an email to the contact to reset their password.

3. Can the Contact who has been assigned to a request, re-assign this to another member of their team? I.e. Client wants all queries to be sent to one employee, who will then assign to the appropriate members of their finance team.

The client cannot assign queries to another contact in Xtend ANZ. Only the auditor can assign additional contacts to the query.

In the case mentioned above, there are a couple of options:

  • Auditor assigns the one query document to all client contacts in the entity, meaning they all have access and can respond to relevant queries.
  • Separate query documents are created for the appropriate areas and are sent to only relevant contacts.
4. What will our clients receive and see when we collaborate with them using Xtend?

After a Contact is setup on CaseWare Cloud, they will receive an email notification whenever a Query document is sent to them that will include a direct link to the document:

After logging into Cloud, they would be presented with the Query document 

(NOTE: they will not see the audit engagement file, or the Xtend file. THey only see the Query documents sent to them)

5. How do the notifications work?  Can we control when the client is alerted to changes made on Xtend?

At this stage, the only automated notifications that are sent by Xtend are:

  • To Contacts
    • when a query document has been sent to them
  • To Staff:
    • when a Contact marks a query as responded
    • When a Contact adds a comment to the query document (notification can’t direct staff to the specific comment as yet though)

In the example of updating an already Open query, the Contact would not be notified of an update made by a Staff member.  Therefore, you may choose to email them, or you can also open the Cloud entity in the docking view and send a notification through Cloud as follows:

  1. On the Cloud ribbon, click Entity

This will open up a new tab in the CaseWare Working papers menu

2. Scroll down to the Discussions area and click New

3. In the ‘Create Discussion’ box that opens up, use the ‘@mention’ feature to mention the relevant Contact in the body of the message (i.e. type @ and then begin typing their name, and pick from the list of suggestions).

This will result in a notification being sent to them through Cloud, and will include a URL link for them to access the entity within Cloud.

6. How do I access the Xtend template to customise it in Cloud?

An Administrator or Settings Administrator can access the Xtend firm template by navigating to the Settings page from the three line menu.

Under the Xtend ANZ section, select ‘Manage Template’. There you can Create drafts, open existing ones and Publish your template once complete.

7. Can NEXT year’s RFI or query checklist be created at the end of THIS year’s engagement, and be based on this year’s?

Yes – If you create a query document in the current year Xtend ANZ engagement, you are able to roll it over to the next year. You can do so by selecting the three dots next to the existing engagement > Create next period’s file.

Then the carry-forward data should be set to the initial engagement.

All documents from the previous engagement will show in the documents page, alongside a tick and cross.

By selecting the tick, you are retaining the document in the new engagement. By selecting the cross, you are dismissing it.

It will not retain the responses from the previous engagement, just the structure of the document.

8. With the request for information, are you able to cherry-pick which questions to send out to the client?

If you are using our default Request for Information document, the questions are shown/hidden based on your responses in the Optimiser.  You are then able to tailor this document further, as follows.

Hide default requests:

Click the symbol next to the relevant procedure, and select Hide.  To then subsequently see what procedures have been hidden from a query document, select View all items from the menu button at the top of the screen, and they will reappear in grey.

Add additional requests to existing question sets:

Hover below the existing request that you want to add the new one below, and click the blue ‘Add’ button that appears:

Add requests to a new question set:

Click the black ‘Add’ button at the top of the bookmarks bar, next to the Question Sets heading:

Add a group title, then click the tick button to save it.  Then hover below the new title and click the blue ‘Add’ button, to add individual request lines.

Alternatively, you are also able to build your own custom query document if the questions in our Request for Information are not appropriate for a client.

9. What is “Copy from Cloud”?

“Copy from Cloud” allows you to copy documents that have been uploaded to the client entity in CaseWare Cloud, into either an Xtend query or into the Xtend Documents screen:


Only documents that have been uploaded to the same entity in Cloud that the Xtend engagement is part of, will appear in the “Copy from Cloud” list.

10. Does CaseWare show that you have dragged a document from Xtend into the file, to prevent doubling up?

No – If you drag the same document into the Working Papers engagement from Xtend more than once, it will not prompt you that the document already exists in the Document Manager. It will just give the duplicate document a unique identifier.

11. How does the answer to the question asked from the query get to the CaseWare file?

If the client has uploaded documents in response to your query requests, once they are ‘accepted’, the documents will be added to the Documents screen of the Xtend ANZ engagement.

To then add them to the CaseWare Working Papers engagement, simply drag and drop them from Xtend, using the ‘Docking View’ in CaseWare Working Papers.

If you have any other type of responses (e.g. text, picklist, etc.), you can drag and drop the whole query document from Xtend ANZ into Working Papers. This will convert the query document into a PDF which you can reference or review in your audit.

12. Is there a way to mark a query as completed where the client references a previous document, or the response is N/A?

Individual queries cannot be marked as Responded, unless an appropriate response has been entered (i.e. a document in document request, a text response in a manual text box, etc.)  However, queries with empty responses are marked as responded if the bulk ‘Mark Responded’ button is used at the top of the document:

13. How do you create email template requests to include for example “Limitation of liability” footnote etc? 

An email template for Cloud notification emails can be set up by Cloud Administrators in the Email settings area of Cloud.  The following can be customised:

  • Email display name
  • New user welcome message
  • Signature (i.e. email footnote)
  • Banner image (i.e. firm logo)
14. How do we get the hotfix?

Click this link to download the hotfix.

There are instructions attached also to assist with installing and running the hotfix.

If you are interested in Xtend ANZ, please contact your account manager or email us at sales@caseware.com.au.